Friday, July 3, 2009

Just a thought

It's funny how they say, you have it "all" and don't even know what there is to fully have.

Like if you have a pretty face, a large vocabulary, large amounts of "friends"... that's your golden key to success and happiness in this world.

You couldn't possibly have anything to cry about at night or when no ones looking. 

You couldn't possible be lonely or have self hatred befriending every mirror that crosses your path.

You couldn't possibly ponder giving it "all" up, whatever that may consist of.

You couldn't possibly feel numb.

I hope they're right.


  1. Hey it's the return of Dee's blog! just need to find the right "they" to listen to. Embrace yourself, the pleasure AND the pain, and only then can you really know yourself and be free. It's hard to be free to be yourself, you know. People will always tell you to cheer up when you're sad or settle down when you're too happy or just judge you, often with little or no information, and always without regard for your actions or intent. The hard part is to ignore them all and just be what you want.

    Haha and yeah that includes me too, so ignore this if you're so inclined!

    Oh, btw, I admire your decision re: facebook. I've often considered the same action, but I'm reluctant to let go of a few attachments that I know I wouldn't have contact with in any other way. But anyway, yeah, kudos! Good for you!

  2. Thanks for this...I come back to it every once in a's soooooo insightful!! xoxo

  3. no problem! I have my moments...even if they're occasionally few and far between :D