Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Crumpled Up Memories

*Author's note*
I found this scrunched up in a little ball in a hidden pocket of my winter coat, I hope to soon stash away....
I like to write down what I feel as I feel it and can be seen pulling out my little handy note pad at some of the weirdest times.... based on the context and the way I wrote it.... assuming a bar.

"I met the woman at a bar; potential mom I would want, never had. Abused, Aquarius; ME in more ways then one.
Smile like every-thing's good, hidden pain....I want to adopt her.... sad!"

Not signed.... Just ending with a simple....
Christmas /08

I laugh at the simplicity of what was written but want to cry at the need to have written it at all....
That woman had told me her story, on a cold December night.
I felt more of a bond with that stranger then I do my own mother yet I say that with regret NOT bitterness!! 

1 comment:

  1. it's always the way
    there's a hole somewhere inside from being forlorn...misused...forgotten...and we go through life trying to fill it....

    but you know what, at the same time, that's very cool because you're an empath because of're able to relate to this woman and that's a gift...not too many people notice or care at all...